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DUI attorney located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina

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The Harwell Law Firm is committed to providing you with top notch legal support. Our DUI attorneys approach every client with a focus on integrity, advocacy, and understanding.

Baxter Harwell

Attorney Baxter Harwell of the Harwell Law Firm has been defending citizens accused of DUI, DWI, DUAC and all Traffic Violations as a lawyer in South Carolina for over twenty years.

A native of Florence, SC, he is well known throughout the Myrtle Beach, Grand Strand and the Greater Pee Dee areas of South Carolina. His family is known for generations of civil representation both in legal and political service.

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DUI Defense

Defending the Rights, Driving Privileges, Liberty and Reputation of South Carolina Motorists

A DUI investigation does not need to result in loss of your driver’s license, jail time, staggering fines, or other forms of punishment.

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DUI Penalties

in South Carolina

The fines, jail time, and other penalties you can receive usually depend on the facts and circumstances of your case, including the percentage of alcohol in your blood, whether you were involved in an accident, or whether you caused serious injuries.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer


Deciding whether to hire an attorney to represent you for a driving under the influence charge or a driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration charge can be a difficult decision. However, hiring an experienced and knowledgeable DUI/DUAC lawyer definitely has its benefits. 

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South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney Explains The Habitual Offender Laws And Driver’s License Suspension

myrtle beach SC dui lawyer

If you have been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, or driving with an unlawful amount of alcohol in your system, chances are that you had your driver’s license suspended and thus lost your driving privileges for a period of time.  However, if you have been convicted of driving under the…

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